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A bit about us

We are from the UK and stopped being paid for work in 2016. Between us we have close to sixty years spent in various forms of Christian ministry.

Our interests include, music, art, theology, food, reading, cooking, photography, sociology, silence and contemplation, knitting and wine, although not necessarily in that order. We are politically firmly on the left.

Most of our working lives have been in education of one kind or another. This includes primary and piano teaching, higher education lecturing with a lot of church ministry, charity administration and project development thrown in for good measure.

  • Hospitality
  • The Arts
  • Theology

- is very important to us not just because it's the basis of our faith but also because we enjoy good company, good food and good wine (and Sue is a great cook).

The Arts

- piano, guitar and singing, classical to blues, from the Tate Modern to the National, the arts are central to our lives. Whether that's judging a scholarship at St. Martin's or just trying to be a little creative ourselves.


- we continue to be challenged, think, change our minds and grow as people of faith. We enjoy encouraging others to do the same. A life in ministry has taught us that 'Church' is intended to be a loving, inclusive community without barriers.

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Sue is a trained teacher who taught piano for 18 years before training for Baptist Ministry in 1993. Before retiring in 2016 she pastored three churches in Hertfordshire and Birmingham. Sue has also been a local councillor, school governor and chair of local Churches Together.

She loves art, gardening, quiet, music, cooking and providing hospitality. Her longstanding interest in silence and contemplation has led to an increased desire to listen to and walk alongside and encourage others.


Martin also trained as a teacher, where he met Sue. He left teaching in 1980 and has since worked in the voluntary sector with organisations focussed on working with and on behalf of 'disadvantaged' young people and supporting workers involved with them. He was ordained as a Baptist Minister in 2008. From 2004 until his retirement in 2016 he led a higher education Youth and Community Work faculty.

He loves art and music. Abiding interests are guitars, education, sociology, politics, photography, poetry, wood carving and the occasional single malt.

Children's Hands

We are inordinately proud of our two sons. We have been delighted to welcome those they love into our family including, in 2014, our two grandsons.

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